How To Create Football/Soccer Kit Concepts | Photoshop

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I hope you guys enjoy this tutorial. I am no expert but this is how I create some of my concept kits. If you like them follow my Instagram!

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Comic Kit Plugin:

Get the Mockup and other mockups here (including some freebies!):


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Free Mockups (Tweet or message me if you know of any more):

HEADS UP: If you are using a mockup that is a .tiff file (like mine), right click – open in Photoshop. Double clicking will open it in preview.


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37 responses to “How To Create Football/Soccer Kit Concepts | Photoshop”

  1. Hey guys. The Comic Kit doesn't work on Photoshop CC 2019 for me as well as others I've spoken to. I haven't figured out why yet, but I may make a new tutorial shortly using a different technique. Sorry about that.

  2. I truly respect the work put into this mockups…

    But $15 or above for each moclup…and buying different mockups just for specific parts is kind of too much…specially if you do it just for fun

  3. hello great tutorial I wanted to ask you two things … where can I download the pattern you use at the beginning of the video "screen pattern ex" … and the tentacle of an octopus that you see in the toolbar is a plugin? … can you give me the links of both? thank you, good job.

  4. is there any way to get the kits that come with the original game and edit them with photoshop?
    Say the original game has the Man United license, can we somehow get that file and bring it tomthe pc and edit it with photoshop?

  5. Hello , can you tell me after we make T shirt mock how we can make print file in Adobe illustrator for that also ? do we need to draw everything again in Adobe illustrator again for print file ???